Test: Picture Style “Canon Camera XF-Series Look”

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Canon released a new Picture Style for it’s DSLR Cameras that should match the the X-Series Video-Cameras.

Download the Picture at Canon Japan.

I made a quick test an compared the “Video Camera X-Series Look” to other common Pictures Styles, including my NTownFilmFlat PS. I used my Canon 7D with the EF 24-105 f4L.


The new “Video Camera X-Series Look” is not to mistaken with a flat log-type picturestyle like Technicolor Cinestyle or NTownFilmFlat because it is a pretty contrasty PS compared to the flatter styles, like the name implies – for the X-Series camcorders from Canon (XF-100, XF-300, etc.).

The Video XF-Style looks like a good balanced out-of-the-camera look which can be graded a little but grading is actually not needed. It retains a little more contrast compared to the Canon Neutral Picture Style.


Comments (2)

Thanks for this. I had downloaded it and right after seeing your clips moved to to the trash.

4 years ago

    I think the X-Series style is not really for the trash, it depends on
    what you want and I’m sure the it can be helpfull matching Canon DSLRs
    with their X-Series Camcorders. But I had to admit I have to test this out before I can judge on that matter.

    4 years ago


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