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Did you ever wanted to know how these mesmerizing and iconic looks are done for these popular TV Shows?
Don’t look any further! NTown presents TV LOOKS #1 for Adobe Speedgrade CC and Adobe Premiere CC.


Watch the tutorial before you start:


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Package contains 5 different popular TV Show’s looks from the 60s to the 2010s.

The grading styles are a great starting point for the look of your movies. Watch the tutorial to get the best possible quality out of your movies. Learn how to pre-grade your individual movie clips and apply NTown’s iconic TV LOOKS for your film. With a different approach for each look preset the possibilities to modify and finetune the clips are nearlylimitless. Please keep in mind that the result of the look may vary dependent on how the filmed clips are exposed and lit. When the instructions from the video are followed closely, the results should match the desired looks.
INFO: The .look files are for Adobe Speedgrade CC and Premiere CC, they do not work with version lower than CC. Unfortunately no Premiere CS5/6 is supported.


8 different LOOK PRESETS in 5 categories for $19.95


MIAMI BEACHCOPMiami Beach Cop: very popular cops tv-series look with very warm, saturated colors (2 .look files) COMEDY LOOKComedy: medium colored Technicolor-like look from the 80s comedy series (1 .look file)

GRUMPY LOOKGrumpy Detective: look of 60s detective series with lower contrast and muted colors (2 .look files) WINTER KNIGHTS LOOKWinter Knights: low satured winter-like cold colortones from 2010s medival tv series (1 .look file)

PSYCHO KILLERPsychokiller: lower contrast and dark saturated colors from 2010s dark psycho killer tv series (2.look files)



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Small package with most common styles for your production. Get a unique and captivating look for your films with this set of .look files for Adobe Premiere CC and Speedgrade CC.



BONUS LOOK NOIRNOIR: black and white Film Noir look BONUS LOOK TECHNOTECHNO: greenish cold unnatural techno look

BONUS LOOK PASTELLYPASTELLY: pastell colors and bluish shadows with low contrast and bright image BONUS LOOK SPRINGSPRING: colorfull and bright spring colors

BONUS LOOK Teal&OrangeTEAL & ORANGE: Popular breenish/blue-orange look for action movies with special saturated secondary colors


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Don’t forget to watch the grading tutorial how to prepare your clips for grading.