NTown Greenscreeen Studio Vienna


NTown Productions Vienna Studio


NTown Studio Cinema Camera Canon C300MkIINTown’s flexible 5m wide and 9m long studio (6m length usable) allows fast shoots with interchangeble backgroound via it’s U-shape curtain system and 3.5m ceiling height.

Bright fluorescent softlight lightpanels fill the whole greenscreen for a evenly lit surface which extends around the room edges for a even wider filming backdrop.

With our flagship cinema camera, the Canon C300 Mark II, which delivers stuning images in 4K 10-bit MXF internaly (up to 4096×2160 pixels) and up to 12-bit 4K CinemaDNG externaly, even with highspeed options up to 120 frames per second. For project opportunities and detailed equipment availability please consider our contact page.

NTown Studio’s 10-bit color workflow from filming to post-production, screening and delivering ensures quality care for your projects.


  Acting is for the audience, the director only leads.  


Feel free to contact us for project enquiries.


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