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InstantNotes – The ultimate Text Notes Management


Plaintext note-files application to manage .txt notes. Featuring tags, folders, instant-fulltext-search, auto-sync via Dropbox and much more.
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InstantNotes – Plaintext File Mananger featuring Tags and Folders

File management application for your plaintext notes with Dropbox Sync.




  • File manager for plaintext (.txt) notes-files
  • Notes can be in unlimited number of folders and subfolders (Notebooks) within the defined Base-Folder (Base folder can be changed to any folder)
  • Unlimited number of folders and notes
  • InstantNotes supports #hashtags for notes
  • InstantNotes collects all #hashtags from all notes and lists them in the Tag-Panel
  • Quick access #hashtag panel
  • NEW: Clickable HTML-links in Note Editor
  • NEW: Clickable Wiki-links to other Text Notes
  • NEW: Clickable File-links in Text Notes – load any file with single click
  • NEW: Auto generates filename for new notes from words of first line in note
  • Quick access Notebooks (folders) panel
  • Instant search notes (finds text from notes and notes while typing in search field
  • Full-text search
  • Search Logics: Phrase, AND, OR
  • #hashtag search: click on any #hashtag so search other notes with same #hashtag
  • Simple text note editor
  • Search text in displayed text-note
  • NEW: History-List of last 25 viewed notes
  • Instant single found note display (instant-searched note is displayed immediately if the only search result)
  • Automatic file- and folder change check for use with online sync via dropbox
  • Automatically finds “Notes for Android” Dropbox app folder and sets base folder to it
  • Portable Windows app (no installation needed)
  • Clean and modern interface for fast interaction
  • Shortcut keys for most needed functions
  • Saves setting in prefs.ini file in application folder
  • Text Notes can also be completely offline without any online syncing

System Requirements

  • WinXP or higher (Win7, Vista, Win10) x86 (32bit) / x64 (64bit)
  • minimum 512MB free RAM
  • minimum 512MB free SSD or HDD space
  • minumum resolution 1024×768

  Free Trial Version available at the InstantNotes Details and Workflow Overview.

  Please visit our InstantNotes Details Overview for more information, features and workflow.

  MacOS version info: can be run on any Intel-based Mac via WineBottler!


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