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InstantNotes – Information Management Software for Everybody

Program Changes History

– initial version

– NEW FEATURE: Phrase/AND/OR search logic
– NEW FEATURE: Shows only Tags from search-results
– NEW FEATURE: Show All Tags Button – minor improvments
– NEW FEATURE: Document „NoteDate:“ Meta-Data function
– NEW FEATURE: Dropbox sync-auto-check (if app is active then check)
– fixed log saving, implemented note-temp-file recovery if saving has failed
– dont check for changes while editing note
– jump to ROOT folder/notebook button
– Show File Dates: created/modified
– autocheck for file structure changes
– note path (not only note name) in status bar
– Tabulator settings corrected

– NEW FEATURE: Wiki Links like wiki:[Folder\NoteFile.txt] – NEW FEATURE: automatic Wiki-Link generator (Button „Get Wiki-Link“)
– NEW FEATURE: Clickable http:// and https:// links
– NEW FEATURE: Clickable File-Links like file:[Folder\NoteFile.jpg] – NEW FEATURE: Clickable #hashtags in notes
– NEW FEATURE: History-List of last 25 viewed notes
– NEW FEATURE: Insert Note-Date
– NEW FEATURE: Auto insert NoteDate (optional)
– NEW FEATURE: Auto generates filename from first sentence in note when new new is created
– IMPROVED: Note cursor position or selection is kept while switching to edit note
– improved Tag filtering (filters out wrong formatted tags)
– Some minor bugs fixed

– NEW FEATURE: IMAGES: Simple image support: An image with the same file name (.jpg instead of .txt) will be loaded automatically in the bottom of the editor
– NEW FEATURE: FUNCS: Archive – set Notes as archived (via Notes ListView Context Menu) – Archived Notes are hidden from the normal view „NoteState: Archived“ -> checkbox Show archived (Info Icon if folder has archived notes -> checkbox also applies to search)
– NEW FEATURE: Load Note from Popup
– NEW FEATURE: Hover Popup for wiki linked notes
– IMAGES: Auto-Show Popup Images from web-links from RELATIVE and ABSOLUTE file-paths
– IMAGES: Mouse Hover-load images from http:// Web-Links, file:[] File-Links same filename, relative and absolute paths
– INTERFACE: Floating Status Label added
– INTERFACE: Notes ListView Context Menu: File Manipulation (rename, delete, move)
– INTERFACE: Auto Focus on Control under Mouse
– INTERFACE: fixed history dropdown size
– INTERFACE: PopUp Note UTF Filename Check
– FILES: Automatically strip Double Lines @CRLF to only @CR (or @LF)
– FILES: Added Drop files to application window
– SYNC: File Sync redone (via INSync.ini)
– ENCRYPT: Text obfuscation implemented (ROT13)

– NEW FEATURE: Anchor Jump Links: [anchor] links jump to {anchor} when clicked within a note
– SYNC: File creation MetaData now in external file for more reliable file syncing
– EDITOR: added autosave
– FUNCS: added folder search via /foldername in search field – jumps automatically to folder if found
– FUNCS: added History Back Button
– FUNCS: Clickable Links in Popup Notes
– FUNCS: Check for duplicates (option)
– SHORTCUT KEYS: available from any window (also from popups)

– IMPROVED: Better image handling. Now supports jpg, png, bmp, gif and more.
– ADDED: PopupNote inline Image View (switch between image and text)
– ADDED: change fonts for editor (select either a proportional or a fixed width font)
– ADDED: Image support for popup notes
– ADDED: All per-note file-settings are stored in a global Metadata index
– ADDED: Timeline Note-View (Experimental)
– Hover Popup Text now updates when changing to next wiki entry
– NEW: Menu: Mouse Hover Activation Enable/Disable
– NEW: ToolTip: Note File Path over Note Title
– ADDED: Shortcuts Shift+F5 and Ctrl+F5 for All Caps or all LowerCase
– IMPROVED: completely reworked file indexing
– ADDED: Trial Version available (again)
– and much more internal changes & improvements

– ADDED: New TileView for Instant Search
– ADDED: New Search Terms history
– ADDED: Popup Note can be edited directly
– ADDED: New Quicknote Hotkey
– ADDED: New Toolbar with icons
– ADDED: Switch GUI Buttons between Text & Icon appearance
– ADDED: New Options Window
– IMPROVED: Note analyzing speed much faster now
– FIXED: Tabs in Editor not viewed correctly
– FIXED: Many minor bugs

  Please send bug reports or feature requests to support@ntown.at !