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Teleprompter control software for studio professionals and mobile enthusiasts.

MediaScrollerPro Teleprompter Software


Interactive graphical Timelines for creative, documentary and industrial visualization of historic, present and future events in time.

HyperTimeLines visualizing Graphical Timelines


Personal Information Manager Application for your plain-text files.

information management software

AdAPP – Adobe Applications Hack Tool

Multifunctional convenience & file management tool to make Adobe Premiere users life easier. The swiss army knife for the MacGyver Adobe Premiere users.

AdAPP Hack Tool


Adobe Premiere Project Converter. Converts Project files from any versions from 2013.2 to 2019.

Adobe Premiere Project Converter


CinemaDNG File Sequence Renamer for Atomos Shogun Recorders.

Cinema DNG sequence renamer


Commandline Audioplayer for mp3, wav and simple beeps.

Windows Commandline Audio Player

NOC – Network Online Checker

Network Online Checker – does what is says. Checks several network connection’s response time, online times, offline times, logs the network behaviour and sends an email if a network is down.

Windows Network Online Checker Tool