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NTown Studio LUT Master Collection


NTown Studio Collection includes over 130 LUT files in .cube format.

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NTown Studio LUT Master Collection

This collection contains all NTown LUTs in one package, which are over 130 LUT files!
Styling LUTs can be used to style the look of your video while the Tech LUTs are for basic corrections and the BASE LUTs should be used when using cameras which use picture profiles with a LOG-based gamma curve for exposure (See article NTown BASE LUT Collection).

Included are the following LUT collections:

NEW Styling LUT Collections

Styling LUT Collection Galleries

great lut collection

cinematic luts

lut download

download monochrome lut

bollywood look

Film Stock Emulation Styling LUT

TV Collection #1 Styling LUTs

Camera BASE LUTs

Bonus Styling LUT Collection [5 LUT files]


  Styling LUTs need a pre-graded BASE-look which can be achieved with our free camera base LUTs. BASE LUTs are already included in the Studio Collection!

Read the detailed description of all looks on the individual Blog-Post articles (click the links above).

  INFO: Find out how to prepare your material for NTown’s styling LUTs.

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