NTCLOGc – Alternative c-log Custom Picture Style for Canon C100/C300

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NTCLOGc – Custom Picture Profile

This is an alternative to the renowned Canon-Log (C-Log) Custom Picture Profile for the Canon C100 and the C300.

NEW: Added the downloadable CP for the Canon C300 (special thanks to Alexander ‘Bobo’ Boboschewski for the C300 support!). This is a slightly improved version of the original C100 CP with better color representation, Vectorscope-calibrated, very nice colors, but still in beta state. Try it out before shooting projects with it.

Download CP for Canon C100 & C300

NTCLOGc Custom Picture Profile [zip] Beta Revision B for Canon C100

NTCLOGc Custom Picture Profile [zip] Beta Revision F for Canon C300

The name of the CP explanes as follows: NT NTown, CLOG c-log gamma & c-log matrix, c means color-corrected (n would mean neutral) and a additional capital letter at the end means that the CP is BETA (version A-Z) and the final version does not have this additional ending letter.


	  Extract and copy the .cpf file on a SD Card in the directory structure
		(create it if it's not on the sdcard)


	  import them via Custom Picture Menu:

	  Transfer File -> Load from SD -> (A or B)

	  or just set the CP directly from the SD-Card.

The CP is in it’s test-phase and BETA. But it looks pretty good right now and gives really great vivid colors when graded.

Main difference to the original C-Log is a corrected white balance, a modified color-matrix which gets rid of that slight greenish tone in C-Log and correct black & white levels ranging from 0-100% (unlike original C-log which was ranging from apx. 10-110%).
Skintones will also improve with this CP. They are much more pleasing and nicely showing all color-nuances the face is reflecting.
This CP can be greatly graded with vivid colors and deep shadows. In the video below I pushed the overall saturation to nearly 200% and in addition to that I increased saturation in midtones to apx. 120-140% and the material responds wonderfull the this very intense grading which has pretty deep shadows but retains all the highlights. I used Speedgrade to grade the clips which are recorded with Atomos’ Ninja2 using the DNxHD 220x 10-bit codec which is very clever when interpolating the 8-bit output (or is it more?) of my Canon C100!

When using NTCLOGc The correct exposure for for skintones is around 70%. The exposure is correct if faces and the general image looks brighter than normal. In grading just lower the overall gamma curve to compensate the image brightness distribution against the c-log curve and if you like just add saturation and/or set the tone to you liking.

The image below shows the difference between the original c-log the the modified NTCLOGc:

slide over the image to see the difference

I mentioned the problem with the rised black levels and super-whites in an earlier article and think this is a good alternative CP to the existing c-log Custom Picture Style.

Try it out, test it. Examine it’s skintone behaviour and tell me what you think about it.

I’m working on a range of new Custom Picture Profiles for the Canon C100/C300 so stay tuned!

The movie below is shot entirely with the new NTCLOGc Custom Picture Style recorded in 10-bit with Atomos Ninja2 in DNxHD 220x and graded with Adobe Speedgrade.

This is a growing article with regular updates, so check back from time to time.

Custom Picture Profile Settings

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Comments (6)


I canont seem to get my C300 to recognize your profile. I have loaded many picture profiles before and this is the only time I have run into any problems. Perhaps your file is corrupt?

10 years ago

Hi Patrick, I have a question about exposing this profile… can you say where middle grey should be on the waveform? Think Canon C-Log should be 33% but by the sounds of it your profile should be overexposed slightly? Any help / tips / advice would be great…… your ‘Trashes’ video looks really nice 🙂

10 years ago


    Thanks for your interrest in my Picture Profile. Expose skin area brightness just a tick unter 70% regarding to zebra.


    10 years ago

I am currently using this custom profile on my C100. I feel like it matches what the eyes see’s. Did you ever finish this custom profile? I this is just the beta version. Thank you guys for creating such great work for us all.

10 years ago

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