BLASTaPINE Action Short Movies Entertainment Channel opened today!

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The new Vienna based video entertainment channel brought to you by Filmmakers from Austria and abroad!


Today is the day

We just released our first short-movie in a hopefully long series of short action movies created here in Vienna/Austria for your entertainment around the world.

We will release one new original video about every week (or so), packed full of action, fun and weirdness of it’s best kind!

BLASTaPINE’s first video was part of Patrick’s first animation demo-reel from the year 1997 way before Youtube was invented, but there was no real platform to show these kind of short videos, so it was shelfed and kept in the mistery outterspace data-vaults, until now!

So for the sake of entertainment we unearth some old unseen short-vids from our vaults and mix them inbetween new orignal videos we create and have (nearly) weekly fun. Nearly weekly because we all have daytime jobs to fullfill and the action shorts are made by us just for fun and there can be times when time will be short 😉 But we try hard to keep up with cool and funny content (nearly) every week.

BLASTaPINE on Youtube

Have fun watching our shorts and don’t forget to subscribe to our new Youtube channel BLASTaPINE!

Second channel ExtraBLASTs hosts making-of and behind-the-scenes movies:
Youtube ExtraBLASTs

BLASTaPINE main portal

BLASTaPINE Facebook Page



BLASTER SHOT – The first published BLASTaPINE short-movie


Making BLASTER SHOT a look behind the scenes


Jump over to the video’s detailed website and read more about the video at

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