BASE LUT Collection – Canon C300 Mark II

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(English) BASE LUT Collection for Canon C300 MK II Pictures Styles.

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These BASE LUTs sets the correct contrast, saturation and gamma levels for the different cameras without loosing information in highlights or shadows – no whites are clipped and Superwhites (video signals over 100% IRE) are scaled to 100% IRE to expand dynamic range even further. Blacks are lowered to the lowest possible – with all shadow details preserved without crushing the blacks.

All Canon LUTs are gernerated based on precise light meter (Sekonic L-408) readings with a standard grey-card. Base exposure was the light meter reading with additional stops overexposure depending on the selected gamma’s needs, so that colors and contrast look right.

  Canon C300 MkII c-log2 needs +2 stops over exposure and the classic c-log and c-log3 need +1 stop overexposure to be corretly exposed.

Included LUT files

  • NT_Canon-C300MkII-C-Log-GmtBT709-BASE.cube
  • NT_Canon-C300MkII-C-Log-GmtCinema-BASE.cube
  • NT_Canon-C300MkII-C-Log2-GmtBT709-BASE.cube
  • NT_Canon-C300MkII-C-Log2-GmtCinema-BASE.cube
  • NT_Canon-C300MkII-C-Log3-GmtBT709-Ex1-BASE.cube
  • NT_Canon-C300MkII-C-Log3-GmtBT709-Ex2-BASE.cube
  • NT_Canon-C300MkII-C-Log3-GmtCinema-Ex1-BASE.cube
  • NT_Canon-C300MkII-C-Log3-GmtCinema-Ex2-BASE.cube
For more information on the BASE LUT Collections, please take a look at our BASE LOOK Article.

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