BASE LUT Collection – Canon C100/C300 C-Log

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BASE LUT for Canon C100/C300 footage recorded with c-log (Classic Canon Log).
Downloads are zipped .cube files.

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These BASE LUTs sets the correct contrast, saturation and gamma levels for the different cameras without loosing information in highlights or shadows – no whites are clipped and Superwhites (video signals over 100% IRE) are scaled to 100% IRE to expand dynamic range even further. Blacks are lowered to the lowest possible – with all shadow details preserved without crushing the blacks.

All Canon LUTs are gernerated based on precise light meter (Sekonic L-408) readings with a standard grey-card. Base exposure was the light meter reading with additional stops overexposure depending on the selected gamma’s needs, so that colors and contrast look right.

  This LUT is needed for footage filmed with Canon C100 Mark I(and MkII), C300 (Mark I) and Canon 1DC with Picture Style Gamma c-log (Classic Cinema Log). Expose +1 stop over to get correct brightness with this gamma setting.

Included LUT file

  • NT_Canon-C100-C300-C-Log-BASE.cube
  • NT_Canon-C100-C300-CinemaEx-BASE.cube
For more information on the BASE LUT Collections, please take a look at our BASE LOOK Article.

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