BASE LUT Collection – Panasonic V-Log

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BASE LUT for Panasonic camera footage recorded with v-log.
Downloads are zipped .cube files.

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These BASE LUTs sets the correct contrast, saturation and gamma levels for the different cameras without loosing information in highlights or shadows – no whites are clipped and Superwhites (video signals over 100% IRE) are scaled to 100% IRE to expand dynamic range even further. Blacks are lowered to the lowest possible – with all shadow details preserved without crushing the blacks.

All Sony LUTs are gernerated based on precise light meter (Sekonic L-408) readings with a standard grey-card. Base exposure was the light meter reading with additional stops overexposure depending on the selected gamma’s needs, so that colors and contrast look right.

Technical Stuff
NTown’s BASE LUT Collections are optimized to achieve the following if the footage is exposed correctly (check for exposure settings below):

– Maximum Brightness is at IRE 100% (hitting 100% white, but no clipping)
– Blacks are down to IRE 0% (slightly hitting 0%, but no crushing)
– Middle Gray is set to IRE 50%
– BASE LUTs do not have color correction, unless stated otherwise

When original camera footage is not neutral out of the box, there will be included an additional LUT with color corrections for middle gray, sometimes also for highlights and shadows.

  This LUT is needed for footage filmed with cameras like Panasonic GH4, GH5 and EVA1 which are using v-log gamma.

  Expose GH4 or GH5 v-log material +1 or +2 stops over, depending on your lighting preference. The exposing sweetspot for EVA1 VLOG footage is at +2 stops overexposure when final material should hit referencing middle grey (IRE 50%).

Included LUT files

  • NT_V-LOG-L_BASE_v2.cube (for use with GH4/GH5)
  • Premiere2018-2019 / NT_VLOG-EVA1-BASE_v3n.cube (neutral, out of cam look. For use with EVA1 footage in Premiere2018-2019)
  • Premiere2018-2019 / NT_VLOG-EVA1-BASE_v3s.cube (color optimized look. For use with EVA1 footage in Premiere2018-2019)
For more information on the BASE LUT Collections, please take a look at our BASE LOOK Article.

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