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Relationships (2003)

Relationships – a short film about a passionate lady with a very ‘plastic’ kind of relationship!

A Short Movie by Patrick Zadrobilek
Cast: Nicole Selberherr, Reinhard Zadrobilek, Patrick Zadrobilek, Martin Kralik (Voice)
Shot on 8mm Film.
Language: German

The Making of Relationshios

Originally shot on 8mm film, the dialogue was dubbed and the effects were created using Eyeon Fusion and Softimage XSI.
The challenge was to establish a very raw film style while still incorporating modern effects that are not as obvious, such as the translucent bottle on the evening table. The first scene begins with a camera movement showing a police officer seamlessly transitioning into a digital matte painting, which then leads directly through the window into the apartment. This scene required complex compositing with camera tracking and careful application of film grain to ensure a consistent look.
The TV screens are also all composited and tracked, adjusted to match the restless 8mm film image and sometimes tracked to camera movements.

The story is based on a short story by Nicole Selberherr, adapted by Patrick Zadrobilek into a screenplay for this short film. The special relationship with her object of desire leads the young lady to take unusual measures, and her rituals are specific.

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