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AdAPP – Adobe Hack Tool

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(English) AdAPP – Adobe Hack Tool is a multifunctional convenience & file management tool to make Adobe Premiere users life easier.

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AdAPP is a multifunctional convenience & file management tool to make Adobe Premiere users life easier.

Main functions are Premiere Project Version Converter, Project Sequence modifier, Premiere Prefs, Presets & LUT transfer,
Premiere Offline Project Clip searcher, Mass Project Clip Searcher, Project Clip List Exporter and the Premiere Project XML unpacker, all without to even open Adobe Premiere!

  WARNING: This is a tool for NERDS made by a nerd!

This tool also includes functionality of the popular PrProBCC Project Converter Tool.

Included files are:

TOOL NAME: AdAPP_HackTool.exe (GUI version for Windows / runs on MacOS via WineBottler)
PLATFORM: Windows (x86/x64) GUI Version (Windows Vista/7/10)



  • Premiere Project Version Converter
  • Project Sequence modifier
  • Premiere Prefs, Presets & LUT transfer
  • Premiere Offline Project Clip searcher
  • Mass Project Clip Searcher
  • Project Clip List Exporter
  • Premiere Project XML unpacker

  See details, functionality & help here.

Adobe Premiere Hack Tool

AdAPP Main Window


AdAPP can be used with Adobe Premiere version starting from version CS6 up to version CC 2019.
The Project File Version Converter acts the exact same way as the standalone tool PrProBCC (see infos)

Compatible Premiere Versions: CS6, CC (2013), 2014, 2015.0, 2015.1 2015.3, 2015.4, 2017, 2017.1, 2018, 2018.1, 2019, 2019.1, 2020, 2021 (March Update)


  Purchase includes Free Updates up to the next major version release of the software. For example a purchased version 1.2 is eligible for free updates up to version 2.2, which is normally apx. a year worth of updates.

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