Canon C300 Mark II Base Correction C-Log2 LUT Download

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C300 MkII Base LUT

With this CUBE LUT for the Canon C300 Mark II you get a base grading from which it is easier to grade your desired style.

C-Log2 LUT for Canon C300 Mark II footage

C-Log 2 footage is generally very flat out of the camera which needs propers treatment to look good.

The c-log2 gamma wants a bright image like with filming on analog film. The provided LUT can be used as a grading base or for monitors to have a reference while filming.

The LUT corrects the c-log2 gamma curve, but does not modify any colors, except saturation and produces deep shadows, but not crushing to black flatness and preserves all highlights, even those over 100%. Nothing is cliped or crushed with these LUTs.

Expose c-log2 two stops brighter than you normally would. Skintones can be between IRE 65 and 80, depending on the needed scenes styling. Set zebra #1 to 80% and zebra #2 to 90% with skintones below 80%, then you get the correct exposure for the base LUT and the rich-saturated LUT.

With this LUT you get a nice contrasty look, but shadow details are all retained and highlights are also preserved, there is nothing crushed or clipped here.

Example before/after image with the BASE LUT applied

The LUT can be used as grading base and in devices which load standard CUBE LUT files like Atomos Shogun, SmallHD monitors, etc.
Unfortunately the Canon C300 Mark II cannot load external LUTs, you have to use an external monitor for propper viewing with this LUT.

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