How to get 60s TV Series Look with styling film LUTs

How to get 60s TV Series Look with styling film LUTs

How to get 60s TV Series Look with styling film LUTs

The Grumpy film LUTs gives a look that was present in the 60s and 70s with popular TV shows like the grumpy, one-eyed detective or the medical docter.

The dynamic range of the film stock where limited to 8-9 stops these days with harsh shadows and somewhat dimmed creamy imagery and brown/redish skintones.
Feel free to add some diffusion on your material to add more mid 60s feeling to the look.

How to prepare your material for propper LUT usage

Bring your material into a de-log state by either:
    apply the right camera BASE LUT available for free
    by tuning shadows to 0% IRE and white to 100% IRE and gamma to apx. 2.0-2.5 (depending on your materials gamma)

Use material with good quality
    the better the quality of your original material, the better the grading quality
    meaning very good 8-bit content or better 10-bit material
    original material should not have blacks crushed below 0% IRE or whites clipped above 100% IRE if possible

  Be aware that the Base LUTs correcting only brightness distribution and saturation, but not colors. This is done later with one of the styling LUTs.

  NTown’s Base LUTs are available for free in our List of most popular camera Base LUT Downloads.

Many grading applications are able to apply multiple LUTs.
The first LUT should always be the “correcting” BASE LUT to get your material into a “de-gamma” state to get out of that desaturated-flat look.
Then your material is ready to get a styling LUT which does the color grading for you.

Apply the styling LUT

To fintune the style, adjust the gamma or gain if the image appears to dark, or lower the exposure or gain if the image is too bright.
It always a good idea to keep an eye on the waveform monitor or the histogram and keep the majority of the image information in the middle or lower third.

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Available LUT Styles


  • used mostly for good lit interiour shots.
  • Characteristics: creamy colors tending towards yellow/green with very strong contrast and dimmed brightness


  • modified Grumpy1 stlye also good for exteriour shots with slightly more shadow detail and modified skin tones.

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