FFMPeg Secrets eBook by Patrick Zadrobilek

FFMPeg Secrets Book Patrick Zadrobilek

FFMPeg Secrets Book by Patrick Zadrobilek



There are nearly endless possibilities to convert video and sound with this little tool called ffmpeg, which is a godsend for the pro-video-user we all want to be.
Additionally, I will try to show you the little dirty tricks, the commands that bugged me, twisted them, turned them in odd directions until I got them right. As a result, the outcome is exactly what I wanted in the first place: The video and/or audio processed in the way I need it to be, or even better and simpler.
Although the examples below are categorized in chapters, they are in no particular order, because it’s all about video or audio or images anyways. Furthermore, they are written as little one-liners with descriptions of what the command-lines and commands are doing.

Why this book?

I’ve been using ffmpeg on a regular basis since I began professional video production more than two decades ago. The advantage as a command-line tool, as opposed to a tool with GUI in a production scenery, is the versatility and speed of regular video and audio file processing when dealing with time-critical tasks after a small setup period. Furthermore, I have invested a lot of time comparing the results of different encoding parameter settings, so you don’t have to. I might have missed to mention one or two things, but you will get the point.
This book is a collection of my most used tasks with FFMPEG and compiles useful tips and tricks for a better result and outstanding looking videos and greater sounding audio for your creative video projects. In addition, it provides a hands-on guide for quick reference of the most useful cases in video production environments.
Patrick Zadrobilek (Author)

What you get

72 Pages downloadable PDF eBook (A4 sized) filled with most common ffmpeg examples with optimized parameters
The pages are filled with useful tips & tricks for realworld situations in video production. This is not a user manual, but a highly specialized collection of most common and most asked ffmpeg command-lines.

Over 120 useful and practical ffmpeg command-line examples
Included in the Book package are more than 120 handcrafted Windows .bar scripts, ready to be used for your needs. Some of the .bat scripts, like the advanced h264 NVidia GPU encoding script even handles complex parameters like the BufferSize, MaxSize and Bitrate relation for you!

Extra tools like ffprobe, ffplay, MediaInfo, etc. introduced
Useful tools are introduced that make production life easier and more transparent and leaves you with less questionmarks on whats going on with your videos.

Parameters explained for better understanding what they are doing
All the important parameters of the examples are explained to get the best possible learning effect with no overload on information to achieve fast workflows.

Lots and lots of extra tips tricks using ffmpeg
Nearly every topic in video and audio command-line post-prodction gets a propper treatment for great and useful tips and tricks you proably never heart of.

  LANGUAGE INFORMATION: This book is released in english. A german language version is in the works and will be release soon after.

Chapters & Sub-Chapters in the Book

  • 1. Preface
    • 1.A Preconditions
    • 1.B Downloading & Installing FFMPEG
    • 1.C Versions and Compatibility
    • 1.D Running FFMPEG
  • 2. Video Processing
    • 2.A First Steps
    • 2.B Most useful Video Codecs
    • 2.C Video Effects (Cropping, Scaling, etc.)
    • 2.D Processing Speed vs Quality
    • 2.E Framerate Conversions, Speed Changes
    • 2.F Advanced Video Encoding
    • 2.G Video Encoding Examples
  • 3. Audio Processing
    • 3.A Most Common Audio Codecs
    • 3.B Audio Filters
    • 3.C Audio Conversions
  • 4. MUXING Video + Audio Together
    • 4.A Muxing Multiple Inputs
    • 4.B Informational Tools
  • 5. Stream Editing
    • 5.A Trimming Video Lengths
  • 6. Still Image Processing
    • 6.A Encoding Movies from Images Sequences
    • 6.B Extracting Stills from a Movie
    • 6.C Pseudo Input
  • 7. MetaData Processing
    • 7.A Specifying Languages for Audio-Tracks
    • 7.B Subtitles
    • 7.C Timecode
  • 8. Troubleshooting
    • 8.A Useful Tricks for Troubling Movies
    • 8.B Most Common Error Messages
  • 9. Appendix
    • 9.A Links Collection
    • 9.B Using FFMPEG in FileManagers & BatchScripts
    • 9.C Language Specifiers
    • 9.D FrameRates
    • 9.E FFPLAY
  • 10. Acknowledgements
  • 11. Glossary
  • 12. Addendum

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