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Das Design

In a bright moment, a designer having the idea of his life.

Short film by Patrick Zadrobilek with Erik Willerstorfer.

The making of this movies was a little curious because first I wanted to attend at the 99fire films competition in vienna, but I had no good idea for a shortmovie.

I wrote a few lines for the story but I did not really like it and I left it and did not care until Erik encouraged me to do the movie – and we did it – on the deadline day!

So we shot and edited the movie in less then 3 hours and sent it to the competition. But unfortunately, as it is with most competitions, we did not win. But I used this shoot to test out my first version of my NTtc1 Custom Picture Profile for my Canon C100 and it turned out really great. I did not grade the movie, the look is right out of the C100.

You can get newer adjusted version of the the CP in my article about C-Log.

I shot this short pretty much alone with Erik as actor and assistant. We lit the scene with a Walimex Beautydish 600 as main light and two LED60, one from the back and one from the side. And used my own build slider for the opening shot.



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