NTownFilmFlat Custom Picture Style for Canon DSLR

a new Picture Style for Canon DSLRs

Review of most common Picture Styles compared to NTown’s Film Flat Style

UPDATE: I created a new Picture Style NTownFilmNormal which ist not so flat and provides great colors and contrast and can be used without heavy grading, but is still good gradable!

With all the available Canon Picture Styles to choose there was not one that would fit my needs. the Canon built-in PicStyles are mostly to contrasty, others like Technicolor rised the black to much and looses Dynamic Range when grading, so I did one by myself.

Introducing the NTown Film FLAT, S1 & S2 Picture Styles for Canon DSLRs.
The FLAT type has a S-Type LUT curve that is very similar to Technicolors curve but it keeps more highlight details and sets the black level to a correct value (see waveform monitor readouts).
When grading the “NTown Film Flat” PictureStyle you get the whole 8-bit RGB colorspace from the DSLRs without loosing shadow details like other Picture Styles and you have the freedom of not fearing banding effects too soon – dont forget: Canon’s DSLRs are only 8-bit with a colorsubsampling of 4:2:0 and you can’t do magic with them, but with a PictureStyle using the whole 8-bit range it adds a little more flexibility for colorgrading and luminance grading.

The other two Picture Styles S1 & S2 are modifing the skintone slightly to provide a even more filmic look and they aren’t that flat like the FLAT type, but they can be used without colorgrading because they provide a bit more contrast.

Try them if you want and see if they fit your needs, but test them before you use them on productions!

If you need help on how to load a picture style in your Canon DSLR, read my article how to use Canon Picture Styles.

I’ve done further testing and did some in-camera color-corrections on the Canon EOS-7D. It seems it has a slight green tint which I always corrected away via post. So I went the direct way now and set it via color shift settings in the 7D.

The Canon EOS-5D does not need this correction, but because of manufacturing tolerance the models color balance differ slightly. Feel free to adjust it to your preference.

WBShift1 WBShift2

Turned up magenta to M4 to correct green shift of my 7D. Unfortunately I reduced it later to M2, M4 was just too much.

Download the Picture Styles and LUT:

UPDATE: NTownFilm141_LUT.zip (.lut)
LUT for NTownFilm1.41 for use in Adobe Speedgrade or other Applications. read the readme.txt in the archive!

UPDATE: NTownFilm_NORMAL_v1.00.pf2 (.pf2)
changes: better contrast, not so flat. usefull for less grading.

UPDATE: NTownFilmFlat v1.41 (.pf2)
changes: better skintones & improved gradation in shadows

NTown Film Flat v1.2 (.pf2)

NTown Film Soft S1 v0.8 (.pf2)

NTown Film Soft S2 v1.0(.pf2)

Tested exposure latitude on the Canon 7D with the EF 50mm f1.4 and the NTownFilmFLAT PictureStyle has 10 1/3 stops of latitude measured with a light meter and a grey card. If you want to know how, read this tutorial at NoFilmSchool.com.


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