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Today is the day!

I start my new personal blog about filmmaking and more. Whats the difference to my articles on my NTown Productions WebSite you might ask.


Order because I want order and system with my articles and posts. Freedom because I want the freedom of a fast posting with all features of of a modern blogging system. And last but not least a blogging system that is flexible, full of features, expandable and can handle all the information automatically.

Reduced Workload

The articles on my company webpage are well-crafted by hand via html, with edited images, full-size version, scaled down thumb version, slideshows, I think you got the point. A lot of work to create an article per hand. I took the time now and created a website that is blog only and integrated the articles from the company website to the blog.

Now I have my freedom of putting an article pretty fast out there without the pain of hand-crafting the whole html-backyard. That’s cool. And this blog will be more personal and will have more posts about filmmaking, but also about all other kinds of thinks that bugging me, like technology, hardware, software, stories, storytelling , film-dramaturgy and more.

You never know the future but you can gear it!

I hope there will we be usefull information for any of you readers out there and have fun with my blog 🙂

Kindly Regards,



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